Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying to be Good

I am trying to put $150 into my savings account each paycheck and then $150 to $200 towards my chase each month. Paying the minimum towards Kohl's and Elder-Beerman for now until my Chase gets to like $900-ish area. Trying not to spend so much money this pay period and slowly get Christmas presents for people ^^;. Though at the same time of saving money, I have to buy things for my table at A&G con... like the craft stuff to make with and such. I know I am going to lose money from the table, but people will know of my shop ^^;.

I am planning to get a car in the summer of 2011 or sooner (depending on my bill situation too). Which means it will be even longer until I can go to a Texas convention or Texas in general to visit friends. Family I can visit since I have a place to stay and food.

Right now this weekend I am going to work on making my gingerbread man flowers for Etsy and Artfire... then try on my snowflake ones ^___^... Here's a pic of the test run of the gingerbread man... test run number 2 will be better!! :