Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I posted up one of my scrabble tile pendants late yesterday... new it was late, but still posted it anyways. I posted the picture of it everywhere I can: Deviantart, plurk, twitter, crafterzone, indiepublic, and so on. I wake up this morning to find that it had sold already! It sold last night!! O_O! I was surprised because I usually don't sell stuff that fast. I am soooooo doing the happy dance now, lol!

So after that one sold I just listed my newer one to etsy and see if it will have the same magic as the other! I am going to try to post one once a day to keep my view up in my shop ^__^.

Also I am trying to get back into posting here everyday again. Bad me for not doing so lately T_T

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Very Excited!

So lately I have been going to job interviews (been jobless for nine months) and filling out applications while working on etsy stuff to sell.

Well today I have been making scrabble tile pendants and talking to people online... and all of a sudden the house phone rings, which I usually ignore b/c it's usually unknown name. My dad answered the phone and it turned out to be for me... so I am like CRAP! Because I thought it would be the credit people after me... yeah, having no money b/c of being jobless, makes a lot of bills pile up and mess up the credit (*shakes fist at medical bills*). Oh well, it is all of my fault for that to have happened to me.

It turned out to be my old job (Wal-mart) asking for me to come tomorrow for a job interview at 10am! I am so excited! I would love to have my old job back ^___^! I am soooooo hoping to get the job!

Then also would be waiting for a call from speedway tomorrow... I don't know if I will be getting a call from them or not, but we shall see.

Too bad I couldn't get both jobs, lol.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here's to Hoping

Sorry for the lack of posting lately ^_^ I will try to post everyday again!

Today Speedway is having a on-site interview at one of their locations between 9am and 12pm... yes, I have interview with them before, but maybe this time I will get lucky and they will hire me this time. I don't like how early it is for it, but oh well... Mom is dropping me off and Courtney is nice enough to pick me up. I don't care if I get paid minimum wage or get only 20 hours a week... I need a freakin' job. I just hope the day's gloom-ness doesn't take all of my energy way for this interview.

Then later today Justin will be coming over with the 360 for us to play our games ^____^. I can't wait to see him today, as usual, lol. It will be 8 months this saturday ^____^

I will be 24 on the 24th this month, lol, I feel old! Though I feel like I lack a lot at this age, hopefully I will get a job soon... to be able to fix all of that. A car, money for college, money to fix my credit, money to move out... and so on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Booth 402

A friend of mine (Bon Bon Babe) has a booth at Treasure Aisles and allowed me to put my kanzashi flowers there to sell... so while I was there I got Carrot Cake Bon Bons and Peanut Butter Fudge. They are AMAZING! The Fudge was only 10 dollars for a pound! That is very very cheap, you spend like double or triple that at other places! I can't put it down and Justin can't as well! Justin is a very very picky eater, so yeah, lol.

Everything is reasonable prices and soooo yummy ^___^ I am hoping to take my mom there one weekend.

Oh! And she had scented candles too! They smell so nice. I got myself a cinnamon bun scented one. Also got a pair of earrings too that I will take pictures of later.

If you live in Ohio, you must go to Treasure Aisles at 402! Try the sample of glass candy and pralines! Buy foods, jewelry, and candles. If you don't live in Ohio, go to her site to check it out ^___^ https://www.shakeyourbonbons.com/

So far Justin's mom likes the bon bons a lot as well ^___^ still waiting for my family to try it out.