Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soooo much to do!

I have to start and finish on making 29 little cat heads and business cards for the ETC team promo swap. I also need to hurry and finish Whimsy's heartless replacement x_x. I have to start on an article for this week (the first one this week is an interview of a market leader).

Tomorrow us my team's giveaway that will be on Etsy Gamers Anime Team's blog... so look forward to that tomorrow ^_^. It's a winner takes all type of giveaway, so it will be interesting how well that does.

I have two new articles up on Handmade News ^_^ I hope you all will enjoy them!
Promoting Your Teams and Guilds at Craft Shows
How to Organize a Local Group Gathering

Friday, May 22, 2009

HandmadeNews - The Art of Group Giveaways

Almost everyone knows of giveaways, but a giveaway as a group project? It takes a lot more organizing and paitence to do one with your Teams/Guild. Read this handy article for some helpful strategies for creating the ultimate giveaway.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First Article!!

I feel so proud of myself today! I just got my first article up on and I am getting a number of views today! My article is called Promoting Your Guilds and Teams, please go read it and vote, also a comment would be nice to ^__^.

There's other articles on the Guilds and Teams Department like: interviews, how to start a guild, choosing the perfect guild/team, and more. Have fun reading!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Results

Sunday was a good day for my family though my dad was out of town for it. After my youngest sister got home from work, my mom opened her gifts from all of us, which my siblings outdid me this year. I just learned that outdid is actually one word, lol, yay for They got her an AeroGarden (a $200 valued item) that the three split together and I got her three miniature Bath and Body Works products of one scent that she liked (a $15 valued item). I also have to remember myself that I made her a Giraffe Scrabble Tile Pendant ($6) and strawberry flavored bon bons this week, so I didn't do too bad. Guess what she seemed to like more though? I don't blame her!

After she opened her gifts, my brother, mom, and myself went out to dinner at Olive Garden (hmm.. AeroGarden... Olive Garden... is there a theme?). When we got there we were told it was an hour wait and we decided to wait it out, but luckily it was a ten minute wait. At first I thought time flied pretty fast. Last time I had Olive Garden was three years ago since back then the food wasn't good, so I was surprised how good it is now.

Right now I am working on editing my listings descriptions to make them sound better and show up in more searches on Etsy. Also need to add glaze to my tri-pendant Scrabble Tiles, that will be listed on Artfire in the morning.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

To all mothers and mothers-to-be! Hope you all have a good Mother's Day and, of course, I hope everyone else have a good day. Today I will be going out with my mom and my brother to dinner at Olive Garden, my dad won't be joining us since he's out of town. I haven't been to Olive Garden in forever, so I am happy we are going.

Today is the last sale in both of my shops and I just listed a pre-made Tsumami Kanzashi in my artfire finally. I really need to upload more on that site, but since I am not a verified member, I can only list ten items. One thing I hope Etsy does in the future that Artfire is already doing, sales mode set up, it would be so easy. Etsy members don't have to either edit all of the items or refund through paypal, which makes the customer lose money.

Yesterday I went to Treasure Aisles to pick up my other Tsumami Kanzashi from Aimee and we talked... and then Justin and I saw it! A HUGE peanut butter cup and we had to have it. We also got my mom a small thing of Milk Chocolate Strawberry center bon bons from Aimee's shop. Later that night, I took a bite from the peanut butter cup, it was so creamy and just melts in your mouth. Justin took it home with him to finish off, he loves his peanut butter. My mom and brother loved the strawberry flavored bon bons, which made me happy. The only problem with the bon bons is there is no information if they are safe for vegetarians to eat since my sisters are vegetarians and I want them to eat the yummies. I need to ask Aimee about that, so my sisters know if they are safe or not. I may not agree with my sisters' vegetarian ways, but I do respect them.

I am still working on my article and resume for Handmade News and hoping to be able to send it in today. My boyfriend, Justin, is looking over them to make sure I didn't misspell anything or if my grammar is bad. He is an English major, so yay for me! Good thing about having a boyfriend that's into writing and already in college, he already knows what classes I need to take when I go in. I want to be an author badly and hoping that I can send one of my stories out next year to start the process of trying to get publish. First things first, Handmade News columnist!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day is Coming and Job Stuff

Mother's Day is coming up pretty fast, can't believe it is this coming Sunday, but luckily I already got my mom her Mother's Day Gift. Have all of you? What are you getting you for your mother/mom/mama/mum for Mother's Day?

For those of you that have lost your mother, I am sorry for your pain and suffering on this holiday, but remember all the good times you had with her. I am sure she is happy for the person you have become and still loves you.

For those that still don't have a gift for your mother, I am still having a 25% off of all of my items in my shops: and

Sooooooo you all know how hard I have been trying to get a job and how hard it is in my area to get one. I am trying so hard to get this one job to be a columnist, I love to write! I really do and would so love to get this job. I have been writing stories most of my life, I love to have people to see my thoughts and ideas and being a columnist is one way to do so. It's for Handmade News for the department of Guilds and Teams! I am having a few friends help me with writing up a resume since I haven't done one since high school and I only worked at Wal-mart, so I am way out of practice with resumes.

Wish me luck please!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother Day's Sale

Yeah, I know I am kind of behind, but it is here! My Mother's Day sale! It starts today and ends on May 10th... 25% off of all of my items! That is right, 25% off. It may not should like much at first, but my most expensive item is $20, now $15.

Making more and more scrabble tiles ^___^ I love making them, right now I have 4 in my etsy and 1 in my artfire.