Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Proud of Myself!

I just made this for a customer ^____^ I am hoping to make more with brocade fabric this week to put up in etsy.

Justin and I are thinking of going to a craft show in Columbus later this year. Going to make at least 10 hats, 100 pendants, 50 clay items, and maybe 30 flowers/kanzashi. We have most of the materials already... gonna start on the flowers first since I need them anyways for the site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Found-A- Giveaway - iPod Shuffle!

So I found a giveaway online for an iPod Shuffle

here is how you can enter the contest:

Option 1 - counts as one (1) entry

1. Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter (if you aren’t already).


2. Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite song to clean to. Include the link to your tweet with your comment.

Option 2 - counts as two (2) entries

1. Write a blog post about the giveaway and link to us in your post.


2. Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite song to clean to. Include the link to your blog post with your comment.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Etsy Gamers Anime Team

AKA EGAT! I am working on making this team for anime, video game, and Japanese cultured fans. To be a member, you don't have to have anything related to thoses, but would be nice if you did. Also don't have to go to conventions... just a place for people that like these things.

More of a team to help each other to learn of new stuff in those three topics and give ideas to members that make things based off of those topics. To meet new friends that have the same interest... maybe even find items from other members that you want to buy. Even give each other hints what is becoming popular in etsy to be sold in those subjects.

This team is more for fun.

People can find local artists in the group to go to conventions together... maybe get artists tables to share and the like.

There is no fee to enter this team. If I get a lot of people that want to join this team... I will work on making a ning site or something for us to talk through.

Again to join... you just have to be an anime lover, gamer (doesn't have to be japanese games), and Japanese culture fan.

If you want to join go to this thread on etsy on comment on it... Etsy Gamers Anime Team

Monday, March 9, 2009

Are We Alone? Part 2

I posted about part 1 in my Livejournal and got this response from a friend's husband:

"When I use to wait, it was customary to not give the change amount unless it was a large amount then we would add another dollar or work off quarters alone. You might not know this but at a lot of waiters don't work out of a till but out of pocket and it's a hassle to get exact change. You have to go to the bar and ask for it (depends on the establishment). I think I only had one or two people complain in my whole career (but then again most of the time I gave more back). We figured you'd notice and subtract/add that amount from/to the tip. I can definitely see where this is annoying to you, but realize it's probably the restaurant putting the burden on the waiter and they probably don't want to risk losing part of their tip by giving you a whole dollar back. In this case, I would have and it would annoy me if a waitor did this to me as well."

My reply to it:

Most people don't notice... it is still stealing. It would be different if the waiter/waitress let the person/people know they didn't have the money to give exact change back, so the person can subtract it from the tip.

It has been happening ever since they have talked about getting rid of the penny again.

Then places need to change it so waiters work out of a till and not out of pocket. The funny thing is the places that do this the most to me... I know they work out of tills and not of pocket since I have/had friends that work at those places. Also I see the waitresses/waiters go to tills to get the change.

Well either deal with the hassle to get the change or get in trouble from a customer complaining to a manager how many times this has happened to them? I think I rather deal with the hassle than get in trouble.

My bf's brother that is a bar manager at BW3s up here even has seen it going at his place and here's the people bragging about how much they ripped off from people. I think he's about to have a word with other manager about it though.

Anding more to this...

I don't care what the excuse is... it is still steal to me... They shouldn't decide for me how much of a tip they get. Also for the ones keep saying that they only make like 2 to 2.50 an hour, it's different in every state, in ohio it is close to 4 dollars an hour and it raising again later this year. There are TWO minimum wages: one for tip and one for non-tip.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are we alone?

Okay... my family, myself, and my boyfriend are all wondering this... is this just our area and Ohio or other states are doing this too?

We will go out to eat and when bill time comes... you pay at the table, wait for change, and your change is wrong. Let's say you were suppose to get back 13.77 and you only got 13.00... you ask the waitress your 77 cents and she is surprised that you want it, but still gives it to you. You go to another place and they short you 80 cents again and your change ended in the 80 (I ended up taking it out of her tip). Places are rounding down the change to give you... Sometimes your receipt will even have the change amount on it...

Is anywhere else is this happening?

If not sure, count the change you get back. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but if you go out to eat a lot... it will be a lot at the end of the year.

I think next time one of the places do it to me again, I am getting a manager to tell them their people are stealing money from his customers. It's not right at all and it is stealing!