Friday, February 27, 2009

I Hate Medical Bills.

Soooo finally contacted my insurance about my bills and they took care of a big chunk out of one of them that was originally 1,772 and now is 187. The rest nothing yet, so I sent them another message with all of the claim numbers and told them there is no chance they are pre-existing conditions since I have been with them for a year and a half, so that period of time is gone. There is a 39.66 (newly adjusted), 531.61 (newly adjusted), 145.00, 467.00, 47.00, 187.58 (newly adjusted), 782.00, 33.00 bills... and I have no job (been jobless for 8 months and no one is hiring, *sighs*). I have a total of 2,232.85 in medical bills *sighs*... I pray my tax return is big and I get my b-day and easter money early so I can pay off 170 of my bills.

Waiting for the others to get adjusted hopefully soon... also I don't know why, but the 531.61 is charging me for Applied to 2008 Health Care Plan Deductible and Applied to your Health Care Credit Benefit when I applied for health care back in 2006... I don't understand this.

On top of that I have monthly bills from kohl's, elder beerman, and chase... which are like another total of 2000 bucks *falls over dead*

I just hope I can start selling more... I need to work on a lot of new items soon as soon as I am done with this dress.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Treasury I am in!

Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't! I am in TheBeadedHeart's treasury called A Few of My Favorite Nuts Part 2. I love being in treasuries, hehe... been trying hard to get in one.

I need to continue my posting everyday like I use to ^_^... I need to make a post of the giveaways that I have won. When I get the other 2 giveaways to take pictures of i will do so ^_^.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Barely Making It

I have to hurry and make this one dress by the 1st to ship out... thank god I won the bid since I really really needed the money to pay my coming up bills... 40 from my bank card, 10 from khol's and don't know about my other card. I have less than 140 in my saving account.... and going to be 8 months soon without a job. I am stressing sooo much about it.

I am my shop starts selling more or... I get a job soon. Wish me luck please?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding More Giveaways!

On Etsy Finds & Giveaways... they are giving away a Sakura Blossom Pendant with a snake chain and a flower magnet set from

If you want to enter go to the blog and read how!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Everyone ^___^~!

Happy Valetine, hope you all have a great one~! Today Justin and I aren't planning for much today... just to be with each other, exchange cards, me surprising him with something (lol, not a baby!), and going getting cheap food. Yes, I said cheap food, lol... since we have our 6 month anniversary on Wednesday and we all know restaurants will be loud and crowded tonight, we decided to celebrate both on Wednesday for both.

Oh yeah! Today I am featured on Whimsy's blog, go check it out

Also my v-day and kitty items are still an additional 15% off~!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Found Another Blog Giveaway~!

CatherinetteRings is having a giveaway on her blog

There's many ways to enter... the winners at the end of February and March will win a chance to pick any Steampunk rings of 45 dollars and at the end of April a steampunk bracelet of 80 dollars.

WOOT! Featured in the Sweet Designs Magazine

So I am featured in February's Issue of this great magazine, have a look here

Gonna be putting up Kon (from bleach), Kirby Hat (FINALLY), and hopefully I can get more items up. Right now Justin (my lovely bf) is working on Vivi statue (from Final Fantasy 9) don't know when that will be up. Actually using sculpey clay this time... so hopefully the works well for us, lol... *crosses fingers*


Win a 4oz whipped soap in her blog... read how by going here

Monday, February 9, 2009

Found A GiveAway

On Etsy Finds & Giveaways... they are giving away a great pillow cover from robinseggpink

If you want to enter go to the blog and read how!

V-day Week Sale Add-on

15% off of everything in my shop! Even on custom requests... Just convo me, tell me which item(s) you want, I will then adjust the price. I do this so paypal won't take refund money away.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jan's Great Giveaway

Soooo Jan is having a giveaway on her blog... but three people can win and three ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment and your email address or a way for me to get in touch with you.

2. To receive a second entry, blog about my giveaway and let me know in a separate comment that you blogged about it.

3. Follow my blog and you'll receive yet another entry.

This contest ends next Saturday and on February 15th.

One winner will receive an assortment of pocket mirrors and two winners will receive an assortment of scrabble tile pendants.

Friday, February 6, 2009

International Shipping and Something Non-Etsy!?!?

So wow! My first international shipping, so very happy ^___^ even though it was a traded item, lol. Shipping to United Kingdom to DayzeeLove, hehe, shipping her Daisy Love Key Chain. Also have to ship Whimsy's heartless item, can't wait to make her happy with that~! I love making people happy!! Eventually I will be shipping to Australia for an Alchemy order, woot!

I am gonna be making my first charm bracelet for etsy soon, I hope it goes over well... but the problem is I don't know which to do... should I do mario, nintendo, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, zelda, kitties, an anime, or something original... any ideas?

Oh and gonna work on my stories again.. yes, stories. I have been working on a few for four plus years and gonna start working on them again FINALLY! I might make items based off of those as well in the future. I hope in a year or two to start working on publishing them. My boyfriend, Justin, is probably gonna help me with writer's block, ideas, and editing ^__^.

Don't forget to check out my Treasury!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100 Shop Hearts Sale~!

My shop has hit 100 hearts ^___^ so to celebrate... the 100 that have hearted my shop will get 20% off of one item in my shop... even the sales items.

Just convo me, tell me which item you want and i will adjust the price before you buy it. This way paypal won't take some of your refunded money away from you ^_^

Boyfriend's B-day! And Other Things

So today is Justin's b-day, turned 21, and I wish to celebrate it with him today... but b/c of school, I can't. Oh well, tomorrow I will though, hehe, and I have a present for him, yay!

Have to finish Dayzee's and Whimsy's items today... need to work on St. Patties this week as well x.x;. Also work on some of my new ideas as well. Have a TON of new ideas~!

OH! We have 100 shop hearts now, woot! We are thinking of having a sale for those 100 heart-ers~!

Okay... on another topic, I have people on my Livejournal complaining to me about the twitter posts. For those that don't know... on loudtwitter, you can make twitter post once a day all of your twitters at once in LJ. I think it is great because I post the same thing in all of my online journals/blogs and that's easy for me, so I don't have to go and post in LJ. Also if the people don't wanna read it, they can easily skip a three to five bullet pointed post, right? These people are my real life friends... and my twitter is about what I am doing in my life and in my shop... they say they only wanna read entries about people's lives, but yet so many that say that have a lot of RP friends in LJ, so they are reading tons of entries of those.

Also they are complaining how I am using my LJ and Twitter for commercial gain. How is anyone online gonna sell anything if they don't use Journals to promote? Do you think anyone has a right to tell you what you can or can not post in your own journal? Do you think it is silly for them to defriend you because of an once a day post... I only post in my livejournal once a day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

DaisyLove... I mean, DayzeeLove

So for my banner I am making DayzeeLove a daisy with a heart key chain ^___^ and this is what I got so far. I still have to sand, paint, seal, and glue the key chain to it... but what do you guys think so far? I hope she loves it ^_____^

Also don't forget, everyone, 15% off of everything in my shop... already listed as their sales prices. Sale ends in about 9 hours ^_^

First Monday Sale!

I am part of the Etsy Texas Crafters Team... yes, yes, I am not in Texas anymore, but they allow members that call Texas their home, so I joined them. YAY! Anyways... Every Monday the team has a sale that it members can partake in and I did! 15% off of EVERYTHING in my shop!!!!!!! Hope you all like the new deal ^_^

And don't forget if you come back a second time (even if it's the same day), you will get an additional 15% off ^____^.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sellers of the World *UPDATED*

Ok... I bet it can be hard for international (or Non-US) shoppers to find shops that sell to them. This is where this blog post comes in! I have a thread on etsy collecting people's shops that ship ALL over the world and I will list them here. Easy? I think so. Helpful? I hope so!

- PastryStitches
Here's my shop, of course... I sell earrings, pins, key chains, phone charms, and hats. Also I welcome requests!

- NotMonochromatic
jewelry, sock monsters, prints, paintings, pet mats, pet toys, and later handbags, coin purses, clutches

- cbeads
jewelry supplies

- thefinickystitcher
scarves, iPod and cell phone cozies and wash cloths

- 2CraftyChix
Flannel rag edge quilts, adult bibs, restaurant high chair covers, funky knit purses

- CustomDogBandanas
Custom photo puzzles, dog bandanas, custom wood photo sculptures, etc.

- ss10001
unique macrame jewelry

- chickscratch
vegan massage candles and sugar scrubs

- hmmmbymel
handbags, scarves, and coin purses

- flirtbuttons
buttons, magnets, mirrors, jewelry

- StokesGalleries
polymer clay jewelry using real leaves

- knotby9
handmade and vintage for dolls and nifty people

- GlassCat
Contemporary Fused Glass Jewelry and Stained Glass

- SophisticatedFun28
Dichoric Jewelry

- lunaessence
Handmade Artistic Jewelry & Handbags

Charm bracelet, necklaces and bracelets, unique

- Tekzuki
Clothing, head gear, stuff for walls

- hollystreasures
Beaded Jewelry

- whimsywingsandthings
Hats, earrings, ear cuffs, doll items, pillows, and plushies

- DayzeeLove
postcards, buttons/badges and magnets

- ellemardesigns
ceramics, fine art drawings, and mixed media paintings

- GrannysKnits
design and hand knit baby and toddler items

- SmallShinyObjects
jewelry, beaded bookmarks and keychains, crystal & glass suncatchers, and glass beaded vases & bottles. Oh, and lanyards!

- VintageGalDesigns
sew one of a kind bags, purses and totes

- mybirch
soap, lip balms, butter bars, and gift packs

- babybaubbles
bracelets, buttons, earrings, crochet, vintage, clothes, supplies, bath and body, and dishrags

- MNHPhotography
Photography Prints

- TokyoVogue
Handcrafted Jewelry

- MillieDogDesigns
jewelry, lanyards

- Nicotiana
vintage, supplies

- KaleidaEclectics
Handmade Jewelry

- MorganNichole
baby Items, minky toys,Onesies, booties, shoes

- FeltCreations
Handmade felt accessories

- minaude
Unusual handcrafted jewelry

- DvoraSchleffer
Classic and unique handmade silver and gemstone jewelry

- LostRiverRags
soaps, lotions, body splashes, soy candles, & MORE!

- Opheliasapothecary
bubbles galore, hair repair, lotions, creams, butters, moisture, perfume, healing handsoaps

- Thegaugygoddess
Vintage, jewelry, hair do dads, scarvesgifts

- SleepDreamPlay
Textile design, illustration, craft

- pandacub
Fabric buttons and button accessories

- littlemoandfriends
eco-friendly stationery and gift

- isopupu
destash, beads, and crafts supplies

- airbrushbyjoni
Airbrush artist

- fantasybeader
Handmade beaded barrings also beaded & polymer jewelry

- ssnjade
crochet items: scarves, cuffs, hats, blankets, and more

- jmonty
paper Quilling and more

- cherbie
handmade jewelry

- babymoon
patterns, totes, clothing, toys

- babymoondestash

- JazziesJunque
supplies, jewelry, accessories, vintage, ACEOs, beads, buttons, paper items, bookmarks, magnets, and more.

- cubiclemonkey

Requested... these are shops that don't normally do international sales or aren't listed as one or don't list it in their shops, but are willing to do so on some requests.

- caffeinatedfrenzy
Knitted items, gloves, scarves, and hats

Card holders, wallets, purses, ties, and more... you have to convo them for a quote.

- erasistible
only international with their handpainted baby shoes

15% Off V-day

So I am having a sale for two weeks for v-day on v-day and kitty items ^___^... 15% off of those items... that may not seem a lot, but that's like 3 dollars off of my v-day hat ^_^. So yeah, come to the shop for lovely v-day items before it is too late!