Monday, March 16, 2009

Etsy Gamers Anime Team

AKA EGAT! I am working on making this team for anime, video game, and Japanese cultured fans. To be a member, you don't have to have anything related to thoses, but would be nice if you did. Also don't have to go to conventions... just a place for people that like these things.

More of a team to help each other to learn of new stuff in those three topics and give ideas to members that make things based off of those topics. To meet new friends that have the same interest... maybe even find items from other members that you want to buy. Even give each other hints what is becoming popular in etsy to be sold in those subjects.

This team is more for fun.

People can find local artists in the group to go to conventions together... maybe get artists tables to share and the like.

There is no fee to enter this team. If I get a lot of people that want to join this team... I will work on making a ning site or something for us to talk through.

Again to join... you just have to be an anime lover, gamer (doesn't have to be japanese games), and Japanese culture fan.

If you want to join go to this thread on etsy on comment on it... Etsy Gamers Anime Team


  1. ^_^ Thank you, Beaded. Trying to make this the greatest team ever! hehe