Friday, February 6, 2009

International Shipping and Something Non-Etsy!?!?

So wow! My first international shipping, so very happy ^___^ even though it was a traded item, lol. Shipping to United Kingdom to DayzeeLove, hehe, shipping her Daisy Love Key Chain. Also have to ship Whimsy's heartless item, can't wait to make her happy with that~! I love making people happy!! Eventually I will be shipping to Australia for an Alchemy order, woot!

I am gonna be making my first charm bracelet for etsy soon, I hope it goes over well... but the problem is I don't know which to do... should I do mario, nintendo, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, zelda, kitties, an anime, or something original... any ideas?

Oh and gonna work on my stories again.. yes, stories. I have been working on a few for four plus years and gonna start working on them again FINALLY! I might make items based off of those as well in the future. I hope in a year or two to start working on publishing them. My boyfriend, Justin, is probably gonna help me with writer's block, ideas, and editing ^__^.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it sooooooo much Stitches! :)