Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boyfriend's B-day! And Other Things

So today is Justin's b-day, turned 21, and I wish to celebrate it with him today... but b/c of school, I can't. Oh well, tomorrow I will though, hehe, and I have a present for him, yay!

Have to finish Dayzee's and Whimsy's items today... need to work on St. Patties this week as well x.x;. Also work on some of my new ideas as well. Have a TON of new ideas~!

OH! We have 100 shop hearts now, woot! We are thinking of having a sale for those 100 heart-ers~!

Okay... on another topic, I have people on my Livejournal complaining to me about the twitter posts. For those that don't know... on loudtwitter, you can make twitter post once a day all of your twitters at once in LJ. I think it is great because I post the same thing in all of my online journals/blogs and that's easy for me, so I don't have to go and post in LJ. Also if the people don't wanna read it, they can easily skip a three to five bullet pointed post, right? These people are my real life friends... and my twitter is about what I am doing in my life and in my shop... they say they only wanna read entries about people's lives, but yet so many that say that have a lot of RP friends in LJ, so they are reading tons of entries of those.

Also they are complaining how I am using my LJ and Twitter for commercial gain. How is anyone online gonna sell anything if they don't use Journals to promote? Do you think anyone has a right to tell you what you can or can not post in your own journal? Do you think it is silly for them to defriend you because of an once a day post... I only post in my livejournal once a day.


  1. Yes, that's silly to defriend over only one post a day that they don't want to read. :(

  2. Its not hard to skip over something they don't want to read, really. They don't have a say in what you want to write, but you do run the risk of befriending because they don't like to read it. I wouldn't really stop doing it, though.

  3. ugh- I hardly ever use LJ just because it seems overrun with people like that- don't know why LJ attracts them, but it's just a drama den.

  4. Yeah and the sad thing... the ones ranting are my friends... I don't complain to them about all the meme's posts they do.