Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day is Coming and Job Stuff

Mother's Day is coming up pretty fast, can't believe it is this coming Sunday, but luckily I already got my mom her Mother's Day Gift. Have all of you? What are you getting you for your mother/mom/mama/mum for Mother's Day?

For those of you that have lost your mother, I am sorry for your pain and suffering on this holiday, but remember all the good times you had with her. I am sure she is happy for the person you have become and still loves you.

For those that still don't have a gift for your mother, I am still having a 25% off of all of my items in my shops: and

Sooooooo you all know how hard I have been trying to get a job and how hard it is in my area to get one. I am trying so hard to get this one job to be a columnist, I love to write! I really do and would so love to get this job. I have been writing stories most of my life, I love to have people to see my thoughts and ideas and being a columnist is one way to do so. It's for Handmade News for the department of Guilds and Teams! I am having a few friends help me with writing up a resume since I haven't done one since high school and I only worked at Wal-mart, so I am way out of practice with resumes.

Wish me luck please!

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