Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Results

Sunday was a good day for my family though my dad was out of town for it. After my youngest sister got home from work, my mom opened her gifts from all of us, which my siblings outdid me this year. I just learned that outdid is actually one word, lol, yay for They got her an AeroGarden (a $200 valued item) that the three split together and I got her three miniature Bath and Body Works products of one scent that she liked (a $15 valued item). I also have to remember myself that I made her a Giraffe Scrabble Tile Pendant ($6) and strawberry flavored bon bons this week, so I didn't do too bad. Guess what she seemed to like more though? I don't blame her!

After she opened her gifts, my brother, mom, and myself went out to dinner at Olive Garden (hmm.. AeroGarden... Olive Garden... is there a theme?). When we got there we were told it was an hour wait and we decided to wait it out, but luckily it was a ten minute wait. At first I thought time flied pretty fast. Last time I had Olive Garden was three years ago since back then the food wasn't good, so I was surprised how good it is now.

Right now I am working on editing my listings descriptions to make them sound better and show up in more searches on Etsy. Also need to add glaze to my tri-pendant Scrabble Tiles, that will be listed on Artfire in the morning.

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