Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

To all mothers and mothers-to-be! Hope you all have a good Mother's Day and, of course, I hope everyone else have a good day. Today I will be going out with my mom and my brother to dinner at Olive Garden, my dad won't be joining us since he's out of town. I haven't been to Olive Garden in forever, so I am happy we are going.

Today is the last sale in both of my shops and I just listed a pre-made Tsumami Kanzashi in my artfire finally. I really need to upload more on that site, but since I am not a verified member, I can only list ten items. One thing I hope Etsy does in the future that Artfire is already doing, sales mode set up, it would be so easy. Etsy members don't have to either edit all of the items or refund through paypal, which makes the customer lose money.

Yesterday I went to Treasure Aisles to pick up my other Tsumami Kanzashi from Aimee and we talked... and then Justin and I saw it! A HUGE peanut butter cup and we had to have it. We also got my mom a small thing of Milk Chocolate Strawberry center bon bons from Aimee's shop. Later that night, I took a bite from the peanut butter cup, it was so creamy and just melts in your mouth. Justin took it home with him to finish off, he loves his peanut butter. My mom and brother loved the strawberry flavored bon bons, which made me happy. The only problem with the bon bons is there is no information if they are safe for vegetarians to eat since my sisters are vegetarians and I want them to eat the yummies. I need to ask Aimee about that, so my sisters know if they are safe or not. I may not agree with my sisters' vegetarian ways, but I do respect them.

I am still working on my article and resume for Handmade News and hoping to be able to send it in today. My boyfriend, Justin, is looking over them to make sure I didn't misspell anything or if my grammar is bad. He is an English major, so yay for me! Good thing about having a boyfriend that's into writing and already in college, he already knows what classes I need to take when I go in. I want to be an author badly and hoping that I can send one of my stories out next year to start the process of trying to get publish. First things first, Handmade News columnist!

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