Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Very Excited!

So lately I have been going to job interviews (been jobless for nine months) and filling out applications while working on etsy stuff to sell.

Well today I have been making scrabble tile pendants and talking to people online... and all of a sudden the house phone rings, which I usually ignore b/c it's usually unknown name. My dad answered the phone and it turned out to be for me... so I am like CRAP! Because I thought it would be the credit people after me... yeah, having no money b/c of being jobless, makes a lot of bills pile up and mess up the credit (*shakes fist at medical bills*). Oh well, it is all of my fault for that to have happened to me.

It turned out to be my old job (Wal-mart) asking for me to come tomorrow for a job interview at 10am! I am so excited! I would love to have my old job back ^___^! I am soooooo hoping to get the job!

Then also would be waiting for a call from speedway tomorrow... I don't know if I will be getting a call from them or not, but we shall see.

Too bad I couldn't get both jobs, lol.

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