Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here's to Hoping

Sorry for the lack of posting lately ^_^ I will try to post everyday again!

Today Speedway is having a on-site interview at one of their locations between 9am and 12pm... yes, I have interview with them before, but maybe this time I will get lucky and they will hire me this time. I don't like how early it is for it, but oh well... Mom is dropping me off and Courtney is nice enough to pick me up. I don't care if I get paid minimum wage or get only 20 hours a week... I need a freakin' job. I just hope the day's gloom-ness doesn't take all of my energy way for this interview.

Then later today Justin will be coming over with the 360 for us to play our games ^____^. I can't wait to see him today, as usual, lol. It will be 8 months this saturday ^____^

I will be 24 on the 24th this month, lol, I feel old! Though I feel like I lack a lot at this age, hopefully I will get a job soon... to be able to fix all of that. A car, money for college, money to fix my credit, money to move out... and so on.

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