Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I posted up one of my scrabble tile pendants late yesterday... new it was late, but still posted it anyways. I posted the picture of it everywhere I can: Deviantart, plurk, twitter, crafterzone, indiepublic, and so on. I wake up this morning to find that it had sold already! It sold last night!! O_O! I was surprised because I usually don't sell stuff that fast. I am soooooo doing the happy dance now, lol!

So after that one sold I just listed my newer one to etsy and see if it will have the same magic as the other! I am going to try to post one once a day to keep my view up in my shop ^__^.

Also I am trying to get back into posting here everyday again. Bad me for not doing so lately T_T


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  2. Of course somone had to snap up that awesome new design, it's freaking fabulous! Miss ya sweetie, and good luck with your job hunt!

  3. I have two new pendants in etsy and one in artfire. I am hoping to be able to buy some paper with that brown colored love again to make more ^__^. I miss ya too! Thank you, I will need it!