Thursday, January 8, 2009

All about my shop!


Ok, so I am starting to make my fabric stuff now, already made my Valentine Hat, which is already is my etsy shop, yay! Working on a hat based off of Carbuncle, which I am hoping to have finished later this week or next week. I finished tracing and cutting out the fabric... still have to make the resin for the gem ^_____^. I am starting a list of hat ideas... if you have any ideas for me, please share!


My boyfriend and I were talking about making hoodies now as well... some normal or uniquely designed and others that are based off of characters.. hoping to make one soon based off of Gir or a Moogle next week. The hoodies will be made when ordered due to having to know the customer's size and all.


Looks like we won't be making anymore phone charms... unless people request them since it looks like a LOT of phones aren't coming with the area for the phone charms now. We are gonna keep doing our key chains and earrings though... gonna start doing hair pieces and maybe bookmarks as well. Don't know for sure yet... we shall see if I get a job soon or if things start selling.


Yes, we do commissions/requests... actually we would LOVE to get them for challenges as well as so we know what to make more of or to know what our customers like/love. Already working on a commission for a necklace from Shadow Hearts: Covenant for someone.

That's all for now ^____^


  1. What a cute hat....looks nice and warm, just what I need this morning.

  2. Pretty hat! Love the fabric used :D