Monday, January 19, 2009

Anniversary, Nerd Parade, and Featured, oh my!

Yesterday was my bf and my anniversary ^___^ marks 5 months being with each other... my longest relationship and hopefully my last. I love him to pieces and so can't wait till the day there is a ring on my finger ^_^. ~<3

His b-day is in Feb, hope I have money to get him a b-day present ^___^ I am sure I will.. well if I get this job that is. Luckily he understands if I can't.. could make him something again, LOL!

Featured in two blogs now, me soooo happy! The newest one is at Audrey's Country Crafts.. the first one was at 365 Days of Etsy.

Now in a third blog! Artistico Greek Nation Treasuries

Knot was complaining how the gays have flags and parades... why not nerds/dorks? No, we aren't bashing the gays, so no flaming. She said the flag should be argyle and a pocket full of pencils and kleenex or something along those lines. So I will be working on designing that as a pin, so look out for those this week or the next ^_^.

Hoping to get the main part of my kirby hat done today... might have pictures of that up in my deviantART.

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