Thursday, January 29, 2009

Custom Orders!

So many X.x... too many, lol... but oh well, it helps me make money, lol. Working on two necklaces that need to be done this weekend, so I can get it to Arcade Ness (a friend from Texas) before a convention.

Then working on a key chain for Dayzee of a daisy with a heart in the center, Another heartless key chain for Whimsy, Nobody symbol earrings for a friend, and much more ^__^.

I love Custom Orders, but being over flooded right now with them, lol.


  1. Nice! :D It's good that you're getting orders... better LOTS than none. ;)

  2. Maybe you shouldn't be so awesome~ if you didn't make such great stuff, people wouldn't be bugging you make more all the time ;)

  3. Oh noes, not overflooding! Oh well, yay for money!!

    Is it bad that I still want to call you 'PastyStitches'?

  4. That's awesome that you're getting orders.