Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Kitty Cat Item!

Since doing the Angry Kitty and doing so far well with it... I decided to do a white kitty with a heart instead as a phone charm. Thought it would be cute and here it is:

I am think of relisting the key chain version as a request item type of thing... not made until ordered, so people can pick which colors they want and the like... what do you guys think?

Here's a picture of the key chain version:


  1. The new Kitty with heart is so cute! I think it's perfect for the coming Valentine's Day! :) I think it's a great idea to give people the options of colors.. you can have one picture listing out the colors available! I think it would be great with a black kitty and a red heart! I am a sucker for black & red :)

  2. Hi ~ Cute kitty! How's deviantart working out for you?

  3. DA is working out well I think... helps people see my stuff and go to etsy. My account is still so new on DA though sadly.