Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two-Three Days Left on Deal

Just so many days left... better get what you like before it is gone!

When you buy an item from my shop this week, you get a 15% off coupon that even works on sales items for a month! How to use the coupon you ask? When you want to use the coupon, convo me telling me what item you want and then I will go in change the price of the item to its 15% off price. I will also add the reserved title to the item. This way I don't have to refund you through paypal and that will take some of the refund money away from you due to paypal's fees.

15% off can be used on sales items as well! So all is good ^___^ and your first purchase can be on anything to be able to get the 15% off coupon.

This deal is over by Saturday 24th of Jan at midnight eastern time!

Also if you are an international seller or buyer on etsy you might wanna join my International Etsy BBS and my International Sellers List that appears in etsy's promotions forum on every friday.


  1. Great offer! :D I hope you sell lots! I know I mentioned this before but I gotta say again, your International Etsy BBS is a wonderful idea. :)