Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video Game Nerd 4 Life!

Okay... I am a gaming nerd and I know there are more out there! Come on... you there *points* yes, you! These are the perfect items for you! If not you and you, maybe your friends.

See.. I am a dork XD

Working on other Geekery items... if you have any ideas let me know, please? Working on Zelda, old nintendo, and mario items ^___^.

For other items in my shop go here: PastryStitches' Etsy


  1. So cute :D love the 1 UP mushrooms!

  2. ok, you made me admit it, yes I'm a video nerd. I still play from time to time. Cute earrings.

  3. Lol, I can't say I'm a gamer but my husband makes games and I can see how it can get addicting. :D Cute items!

  4. Ahhh so cute! I cannot wait to see Zelda stuff! :D